Your first plan in four easy steps

It’s easier than ever to get started with Opstarts. Quickstart lets you answer a few simple questions to get the basics of a plan entered in four easy steps.

For new users, Quickstart will run automatically once they sign up. Quickstart will run for existing users when they create a new blank plan from the Plans List page (of course, you can skip it and go straight to entering all items manually). Then it’s four easy steps to a basic plan:

  • Step 1: Basic Info – Enter the plan name, start date, and initial cash balance. Anything entered in Quickstart can be modified later.
  • Step 2: Employees – Enter your first two employees. You’ll of course be able to delete these if you don’t have employees yet, add more employees, or modify any employee details.
  • Step 3: Expenses – We’ve included a number of common monthly business expenses here. Check whichever apply to you and enter the amount budgeted per month. You’ll be able to customize details of these expenses such as growth rate, start date, etc.
  • Step 4 : Product – Enter in your first product here, either a fixed-price product or a monthly subscription. You’ll have a chance to customize the details of your first product and add more products in the main Opstarts application.

And that’s all it takes to get a new plan started!

To get started with more complicated plans, we’ve also added some example templates on the Plans List page that you can copy into your account to look at as an example or as a template to modify for your business. We’ve started with examples for a basis SaaS business (with two subscription tiers, upgrades/downgrades between them, and lead generation from online ads) and a Freemium example (with online ads driving installs of a few version, upgrade conversion from the free version to a paid version, and linked hosting expenses from both products).

Let us know other templates/examples you’d like to see, as well as any suggestions to include in the basic Quickstart plan!

Sign up for the Opstarts alpha program here


Looks promising. What’s your subscription level? How much does it cost?

We’re currently still in beta and finalizing pricing. We’ll be posting details about pricing within the next couple of weeks.

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