Updated UI and settings

Here’s a quick review of some UI and settings/configuration changes we’ve made recently:

  • Plan settings toolbar – This toolbar is now on the left side under the plan name. From here you can copy (save checkpoints), share, and configure settings for a plan.
  • Settings – The settings dialog lets you modify the plan name, plan start date, some defaults for new items, and categories configuration.
  • Date selector – Just drag to easily change the date range you’re viewing on a plan. This setting applies across plans, so you can change the date range and then switch between plans to compare them over the same period.
  • Totals – This screen now displays a summary of financial projections, expense breakdown, and cash balance for whatever period you select in the date selector.
  • Runway and Cash Required – These are now configured together in a dialog that lets you pick the start date from which to look at your runway and cash requirements (or buffer), a minimum cash balance required for your runway calculations, and an end date to look at cash requirements through. For example, let’s say you set the start date at January 2015, the min cash balance at $10,000, and the Cash Required Through as January 2016. Runway will tell you how many months you have from January 2015 until the first time your cash balance dips under $10,000. Cash Required will look at your plan between January 2015 and January 2016 and show you either the amount of cash required to maintain a positive cash balance over that period, or if you are in positive cash balance over that period it will show you your cash buffer – the lowest cash balance over that period.

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