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Working with subscription businesses across a wide range of company stage and size, we’ve had the opportunity to see how budgeting, planning, and forecasting requirements evolve and expand over time as a business grows bigger and more complex. With our latest release, we’ve created a range of Opstarts subscription plans designed to match the changing requirements of growing companies. Here’s an overview to help you pick the right Opstarts plan for your business.

Opstarts Basic

Opstarts Basic is designed for early-stage companies with requirements beyond simple spreadsheet templates, and need to build a professional financial model that can support the complexities of modeling a subscription business. Opstarts Basic is a great fit for companies early in the revenue generation process that are primarily interested in using Opstarts models for budgeting/cashflow management and fundraising.


Guide to creating a plan in Opstarts

Opstarts Pro

As companies grow, their financial planning needs expand beyond simple budget and cash management. Opstarts Pro automatically generates cash, accrual, and recurring revenue focused reports and metrics/KPIs from a single model. No more managing a set of different budget, cash flow, GAAP, and MRR/ARR-focused spreadsheets and trying to keep them in sync each month. Opstarts Pro also includes sophisticated scenario planning capabilities that let you create a set of plans that are all automatically synchronized except for the changes you apply to each scenario.

  • A single model that you can switch between cash basis, accrual, or recurring-revenue only views
  • Payment terms/timing to model cash collections
  • Recognition policies for expense and revenue accrual
  • Detailed SaaS metrics/KPIs with breakdowns by product line
  • Detailed financial metrics that let you really drill down into unit economics
  • Analyze different funding, growth, hiring, and other scenarios, all synchronized with your main operating plan


Guide to scenario planning in Opstarts

Opstarts Pro + Sales

As companies expand, they often build a sales organization and move beyond top-down revenue modeling and purely self-service sales models that scale directly with marketing and lead generation spend. Opstarts Pro + Sales adds a sales planning module to let businesses model revenue based on sales organization staffing, quotas, support, and lead requirements. With Opstarts Sales Planning, build a simple sales model driven just by quota capacity, or a complete sales operations model. These bottoms-up models can be built either as standalone models for sales ops, or integrated directly into Opstarts operational plans.

  • Bottoms-up sales planning, optionally directly integrated with primary operational plan
  • Quota capacity based on hiring, ramp, and quota attainment goals
  • Model required SDRs, sales engineers, and other resources required in sales process
  • Sales pipeline modeling with lead requirements, conversion rates, and resource requirements at every step


Guide to sales planning in Opstarts

Opstarts Complete

Financial planning is no longer an annual, or even quarterly, process for high-growth companies. Forecasts, plans and priorities are constantly changing based on results, and that means operational plans along with metrics and reports need to keep pace. With Opstarts Complete, we and partners work with companies to help them develop models using the latest best practices, review and update their models each month as they have more data about their business to add more precision to their forecasts, and work with them to customize imports and integrations.  Additionally, we do a monthly benchmarking review of their metrics/KPIs to help them better understand ways to improve and optimize their business.

  • Advanced model development consultations
  • Custom reporting and KPI development
  • Custom application imports and integrations
  • Monthly modeling and benchmarking review

We’re excited to help subscription businesses of all sizes solve their financial planning challenges, and with this set of subscription plans, Opstarts is ready to grow alongside you!

Questions about which Opstarts subscription is the right one for your requirements? Just email [email protected] and we’re happy to answer any of your questions and give you a demo!

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