The next generation of financial planning with Opstarts

Opstarts has always been focused on making it easy to plan and budget complex businesses, with powerful reporting and analytics capabilities to deliver the insights you need to make smart decisions. With the latest generation of Opstarts Pro, we’re going even further in replacing the slow, manual, and error-prone process of building plans and forecasts in spreadsheets with a focus on two key areas:

Integration and automation with existing financial data

Does your planning currently involve keeping track of the same data in a number of different apps, spreadsheets, and databases? Are you spending time each month reconciling and updating the numbers in your operating plan spreadsheet, revenue forecasts, accounting system, and metrics spreadsheets? Now you can say goodbye to those headaches.
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Accounting and payment systems including Quickbooks Online and Stripe can now be mapped directly into your Opstarts plan via direct API integration. Importing data from other systems is as easy as uploading a CSV or spreadsheet report.

And once you’ve imported your data each month, updating and reforecasting your plans is as simple as clicking a button. No more wasted time cutting and pasting data, manually adding new items, and searching for errors in your model.

One plan, multiple scenarios

Smart operational planning includes considering multiple scenarios and involves input from across your organization. But keeping all those scenarios in sync and updated with the latest changes to your operating plan is a never-ending process. With our new scenario planning module, Opstarts lets you model as many scenarios as you need – all automatically synchronized with the latest version your base plan.

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No more sending around copies of the updated spreadsheet, or trying to keep track of what changes each person on your team is making to the plan. Scenarios are as simple as making a list of differences from your base plan assumptions, such as different hiring schedules in each scenario. Anyone on your team can create their own scenarios ranging from the highest-level estimates (model 20% higher revenue growth) down to the individual line item changes (hosting costs are 10% higher than planned). And of course, Opstarts makes it easy to compare all your scenarios and decide on the best path for your business.


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Other updates

In addition to the new integration and scenario planning modules, we’ve made a lot of updates across the system to make Opstarts an even more powerful and flexible solution for your planning needs:


In addition to the basic Opstarts reports, you can now easily create custom reports incorporating any combination of data from your Opstarts plan, presented in whatever level of detail you need.

We’ve also added export to Google Sheets, so you can easily customize formatting and add your Opstarts reports into workbooks with other operational reports.


Opstarts doesn’t just calculate your SaaS metrics, it also breaks down for you how each metric is calculated. With Opstarts SaaS metrics, not only do we show you how much, but also why.

We’ve also expanded our support for CAC and COGS calculations. Opstarts lets you drill down by individual product or product line to really understand your customer acquisition costs, margins, and profitability in as much detail as you need.


In addition to departments, Opstarts lets you create expense categories and product groups. This lets you analyze your spending on both a department (total Engineering spend) or category (total Travel spend across all departments) basis, and also lets you analyze total revenue, revenue per individual product/subscription, or revenue on a product group basis (all Consumer product lines).

We’re rolling out the new integration and scenario planning capabilities in a staged process so we can help everyone quickly and efficiently update their plans to take advantage of the new modules. If you haven’t gotten access yet and are ready to take advantage of these features, just email us at [email protected] and we’ll get you set up! 

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