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At Opstarts, we want to help you build a financial plan that lets you spend your time focusing on strategy instead of getting stuck decoding spreadsheet cells, formulas, and errors. The last few months we’ve been focused on your feedback to make Opstarts more powerful, more flexible, and easier to use. Here’s an overview of some of the key improvements in our latest version.

Modeling capabilities

We’ve made it even easier to model key elements in your financial plan with these new model elements and links.

Staffing modeling – you can now automatically model staffing based on either employee counts (for managers, etc) or customer/revenue amounts (for support, etc)

Revenue/services streams – in addition to modeling non-recurring products and subscription sales, the new “revenue-only” product type lets you model arbitrary revenue streams not associated with customer counts, like services revenues or any other revenue stream you want to model independent of unit sales.

Reporting and display

We’ve made our reporting and display options even more broad and flexible so you can create whatever types of charts, reports, and dashboards you need in Opstarts.

Custom charts – In addition to creating custom tabular reports in Opstarts, you can now create reports with charts for any data items in your plan.


Expanded data items – we’ve expanded the capabilities of our financial reporting library with a much greater set of financial data items, ratio, SaaS KPIs, etc. “Customize Rows” in a tabular report to view the entire library of reporting items available.

Report search/filter – just looking for a specific amount/row in a report? Hit the top left icon to search and filter for specific items.

For accounting & CFO firms/advisors/accelerators/VCs

One of the most requested features from our partners working with lots of companies was being able to view all the companies they work with from a single account. We’ve got that covered now!

Multi-company accounts – now, multiple companies can add a user with the same email address to their teams. In your plan items list, you’ll see a section for each company you’re a member of, and when creating new plans you’ll be able to select which company it’s associated with.

Get Early Access to upcoming features!

We have a number of additional features coming very soon – if you’re interested in getting early access and giving us pre-release feedback, please email [email protected] and let us know.

Balance sheet – in addition to already existing deferred revenue capabilities, we’ve added support for depreciation, AP/AR, and other required balance sheet calculations, along with a new balance sheet report.

Grid editors – new grid style editors to make it easier and faster to update multiple items in your plan at once.

Expanded multi-currency support – you’ll now be able to create plan items with different currencies.

Assumptions variables – you can set variables for things like churn and growth rates to be used across multiple products, making it even faster to update and evaluate changes to assumptions in your model.


We’re excited to get all these features in your hands and make your SaaS financial planning even easier! And as always, we’d love to hear any feedback you have about these new features and how we can make them even better.



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