Reconciling and reforecasting your plan

A good plan is an important part of running your business successfully. But a plan is only as good as the data and assumptions it contains. And those are constantly changing. Our new Actuals module makes it easy to both reconcile values in your plan with actual results, and reforecast your plan going forward using those updated values.

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No need to wait for a planning session to understand how your performance impacts your runway, sales projections, and unit economics. Just enter your actuals for the month, and Opstarts will automatically update everything for you. You can even add new products, employees, and expenses into your plan that you didn’t anticipate.

Opstarts not only reforecasts your plan using your actuals, but also creates an archive of plan history for you. This lets you compare your latest plan vs your original plan or any other prior version, so you always have a clear view of how your performance is tracking over time.

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To learn more, see the Actuals and Reforecasting overview. Questions about entering your actuals into Opstarts? Just email [email protected] with any questions and we’ll help you out!

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