Post-launch update

Thanks to everyone for the great response from Demo and Product Hunt (we’ll have a post with more about that experience soon). We’re excited to have so many people using Opstarts and can’t wait to show you more!

For all of you getting started with Opstarts, we wanted to highlight two of our features that lots of users find most valuable and exciting:

Links – We’ve made it easy to create dependencies/relationships between items in your plan. Add-on purchases, Upgrades/downgrades, costs to support new users, leads/sales generated by marketing, and many other relationships between plan items are as easy as pushing a button and entering a couple of parameters.


Multivalue grids – so many things in business change over time, and it’s often hard to accurately model the impact of that in spreadsheets without either turning everything into a giant mess or trying to estimate a rough average across time. Multivalue grids make it really easy to change values over time – conversion rate, prices, budgets, etc.


And we’ve just added currency support to our latest release.

If you’re finishing up your free trial and wondering which version of Opstarts is right for you, you can easily compare on this pricing chart or view plan details in your Account Management screen. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Finally, we’d love to hear from you about a few things that are in development:

  • Actuals – we’re expanding this feature from the basic high-level actuals entry/tracking to much more detailed tracking, starting with product/revenue actuals. What are you currently using to track various areas?
  • Stripe integration – our first payments integration will be for people using Stripe for subscription billing. Let us know if you’re a Stripe user interested in analytics and projections based on your actual sales data.
  • Accounting integration – we’re looking at Quickbooks Online and Xero as potential initial integrations. What accounting system do you use?
  • Advanced sales planning – we’re developing a module to help with sales resource planning, revenue goals, and seeing how changes to your sales model impact your overall business. More on this soon.

Thanks again to everyone for all your interest and support. We really appreciate it, and love hearing all your feedback, suggestions, and questions. Please follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates on Opstarts!





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