New ways to view, analyze and export your data

We’ve added a few new ways to view and analyze your Opstarts plan data.

  • Grid view – The old grid view has been replaced with the ability to switch between chart and grid views in the Overview, Expense and Revenue screens. Just toggle between View Chart and View Grid in the top right dropdown. The grid will display data for whatever period you have selected in the date selector.
  • Expense filters – You can now drill down into your expenses by filtering to show only employee expenses, only non-employee expenses, or expenses by category to analyze a specific area of spend in more detail.
  • Export grids – Click the export data link in the top left to export the data displayed in the grid as a CSV file. (note to Windows users: depending on your browser, you may have to rename the downloaded file as <filename>.csv)
  • Export charts –  We’ve made it easy to download charts for use in documents, presentations, etc. Just hover over the top right of each chart for for PNG, PDF or SVG download options.

We hope these enhancements help you get even more out of Opstarts. Please let us know if there are other things you’d like to do with your Opstarts data.

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