Launching Opstarts at Demo Fall 2014!

We’re very excited to announce that Opstarts is officially launching at Demo Fall 2014!


First, a huge thanks to all of our beta testers who have helped make this launch possible – you’ll receive an email shortly with more details.

If you’re attending Demo, we’ll be launching on stage Thursday, Nov 20 at 9:45am in the Work Cloud session. Please check us out and come see us in the Pavilion at station D27!

For everyone new to Opstarts, if you’re currently using spreadsheets for your budgets, forecasts, projections, or scenario planning, we’d love for you to give Opstarts a try – sign up for a free trial here.

Companies are using Opstarts for all kinds of planning, analysis and what-if scenarios like:

  • What effect will hiring plan changes have on my runway?
  • How do different pricing models and discounts affect cashflow?
  • What is the optimal resource allocation between sales and marketing?
  • How do changing churn and conversion rates impact my business?
  • How are my actual results comparing to my plans?

We’ll be posting many more details about Opstarts over the next few days. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates. And get started today with a free trial of Opstarts!


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