Alpha Update #3

Thanks so much to all of our awesome alpha testers for your help over the past few months. We’re happy to announce we’re now officially moving to Opstarts Beta. We’ll make a post about that next, but first two final notes on the two updates we deployed in our most recent and final Alpha release.

Pre-existing subscribers:  For plans starting with products that already have subscribers, you can now select “Pre-existing subscribers” for your starting month subs. Opstarts will then use the product growth and churn parameters to estimate projections of prior user numbers.  That is used in two places. First, in the Growth screen, the Sales Metrics will take this into account for CAC and related metrics. Second, especially important for annual sales, renewals will be spread out based on prior projected sales. For example, let’s say your plan starts in January and has an annual product with 100 subscribers. If you mark those as “New” they will all show up as January revenue and they will all renew a year later in January. If you mark them as pre-existing, they will be spread out as sales over the prior year, with only a fraction of them showing as revenue in January and renewals being spread out over the entire year. Note that pre-existing subscribers are only a valid choice for products that start at the beginning of your plan.

Explorer view Explorer view is like a circuit diagram for your plan that makes it easier to explore, analyze, and understand all the interactions contained in your plan.

Thanks again for all of your help and support. We look forward to having you continue along with us in our Beta!

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