Planning and forecasting for subscription businesses without the spreadsheets

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Easily plan and budget complex businesses
A single integrated model to give you a clear view of your expenses, revenues, and cash position.

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Keep forecasts and projections up-to-date
Scenarios updated with actual financial and operational data to identify key business drivers and risk factors.

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Stay on track with reports and metrics
Automatically generated reports to help you stay on top of your financial, SaaS, and operational metrics.

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Our pricing plans
$500/month (or $5k/yr)
Unified GAAP, Cashflow, SaaS MRR/ARR model
Synchronized scenario planning module
SaaS and financial metrics/KPIs library
Accounting and payment systems integration
Actuals reconciliation and reforecasting
Basic onboarding from $1000
Up to $5M in revenue+spend ($100/mo per add'l $1M)
Pro + Sales
$1000/month (or $10k/yr)
All Pro features plus:
Bottoms-up quota-based sales planning module
Sales pipeline modeling
Sales operations resource planning
Advanced onboarding from $3000
Up to $10M in revenue+spend ($100/mo per add'l $1M)
All Opstarts features plus:
Advanced model development consultations
Custom report development
Custom application imports/integrations
Monthly model and benchmarking review

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